Trip to Mt.Baker

Over the weekend we went up to Mount Baker with Matt and Julie, mainly for the snow (which was very, very good on Saturday – forgiving and confidence building). We stayed in a rental cabin near Glacier with (count ‘em) FOUR recliners, including two with upper AND lower massage support. I hate the idea of these things, but we couldn’t stop slouching in them.

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Night shots

Continuing my weird habit of taking shots of overpasses and night scenes, I spent some time in the freezing cold on Tuesday night at the junction of the I-90 and the I-405. Nothing particularly spectacular. I guess I just like the converging lines that you get with narrow pedestrian bridges and highway edges, and the soft orange light from the street lighting:

I like this shot taken outside an empty warehouse on 148th, though. The stark white light is great.

Looking at these two, and all the lines disappearing off into infinity, I should just go and take photos of train tracks and get it out of my system.

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