Got the shots up onto the site from our visit to Neosho, where we finally saw Sandy and Rodney’s very beautiful Victorian house. It’s facinating to see the differences between homes here and in the UK. I love the wrap around porch. I don’t think it’s uniquely American. It must be something that could be transplanted back home, even in the damp English weather. I mean, if they can have them in Seattle…

The Pianist

Just returned from seeing the Pianist, by Roman Polanski. This is a harrowing, deeply personal, unsettling movie that is truly amazing. You just walk out wandering how the situations it depicts could ever have been possible, and how the utter disregard for life could have come about. Adrien Brody and Polanski totally deserved their Oscars, and in light of seeing this I’m stunned that Chicago could ever have been considered a better film. Hollywood weirdness.

Following the war

I’ve been looking at this MSNBC site, which is the best thing I’ve found for following what’s going on in Iraq. It’s impersonal, giving you about the same feeling of connection with what’s actually going on as the Major League Baseball website does to a real baseball game (and the game analogy fits). It all feels negatively voyeuristic, but it’s the only thing I can find that maps names to real places for me.


Saw Chicago on Thursday night. I can see that it’s good. That the acting is good, and that all the set pieces feel exciting, and that the music doesn’t drag on, and that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere do a great job (yes, even Gere!), and that the dancing feels amazing, and it’s cool the way they cut from reality to fantasy. But for some reason I didn’t really get engaged. I didn’t sympathize with anyone (John C Reilly even felt a little wooden to me), and I know that’s probably deliberate. Anyway, I’ll watch the Oscars and watch it wipe the floor with everyone, and I guess that’s ok.