House hunting

We spent the weekend in the UK looking at different areas that we could potentially imagine living in, that are commutable to Reading. I’ve just posted a quick explanation and some shots of the options. There are more (we should think about looking South of Reading, and over nearer Windsor) but living in central London seems out of the question. The commute is just too tough.

Back again

I’m just back on my own from the UK. Shannon is still there, after our weekend area hunting trip (more to follow later). I had an unusual day, being upgraded into Club World on BA (in those strange reclining beds they have on the flights), then being first off the plane (it’s been a while since that happened), then getting a small ding on the car window in a traffic jam on the 405, then finding a dead squirrel just by our front doorstep (maybe it fell out of the redwood?). Sidney was very pleased to see me, and had done a very fine job of coating the sofa in white fur while we were away.

UK weekend

We’re off to the UK for the weekend, trying to figure out which area of West London we’re most likely to want to live in. We have the choice of Urban (Putney Bridge, Chiswick etc), SubUrban (Richmond, Oxford etc) or downright countryside-ish (Henley On Thames). I need a coffee, newsagents, pub, river and train station within walking distance, which should help narrow it down a little.

Birthday weekend

My birthday weekend, which was all very nice. I was highly spoilt by Shannon. We stayed downtown in the ACE hotel, right in the heart of Belltown, in Seattle. Yes, Kirkland is only 15 minutes drive away, but staying downtown really makes us feel like we’ve been somewhere.

Dinner and a movie. This time Bend It Like Beckham, which has been doing pretty well over in the UK.

I enjoyed it. It had shades of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but only the good shades. The family members felt a little more 3D, and fleshed out, although they still felt stereo-typical. The film managed to cram in every axis of diversity possible, including racial, gender and sexual, which was quite a feat for what is really a fun, family movie. The football action was good, although the Saving Private Ryan-style camera work (very choppy, with every other frame missing) made it hard to spot any skill.

Finally, after an easy-going Sunday, we met Rob and Agnieszka for a very fine dinner of Pow Wok Lamb, 7 Flavored beef and more at Wild Ginger.


We spent the weekend in Portland, visiting friends, looking at stuff, staying in nice hotels with thick matresses, the usual…

While we were there we also stopped at Fry’s Electronics (Richard’s first time). Oh, and the Gordon House, by Frank Lloyd Wright, in the Oregon Garden Center.