Brazilian Grand Prix

Stunningly strange Brazilian Grand Prix (see this blow by blow account by the BBC). Peter Windsor tried to explain the new tyre regulations in the coverage I saw here in the US of A through Speedvision, but I’m still left highly confused by why no one really had the tires they should have for this very wet race. Ross Brawn has some comments on the subject, which make it all seem highly political, the fault of Michelin if they are to be believed. Politics doesn’t seem to be a good reason to put all of the driver’s lives at risk, though.

I just couldn’t believe the action in the 3rd corner. 6 drivers out at that point, including Michael and Juan Pablo. You’d think that in itself would be enough to stop the race. But both Webber and Alonso’s spectacular crashes came later, and it’s a miracle they walked. If the space-age technology that makes up the cockpit around a driver, and allows them to survive these huge impacts, ever makes it to the public I wonder how that will change the standard of driving? Can anyone say “nothing to lose”?

Anyway, the boredom of last years season seems to have been replaced by a highly exciting, and highly unpredictable, set of races, due in large part to the new rule changes. I can’t believe that Ferrari are in the position that they are (3rd in the constructor’s championship behind Mercedes and Renault), and I’m not sure what they can do about it. At the same time, Michael went out today due to driving error, and Rubens because of technical difficulties (whilst in the lead), both things that were the teams fault, not the new rules.


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