Rivers and Tides

Just returned from the Seven Gables Cinema in the University District. This is such a strange little place, like an old residence. Single screen, which is covered most of the time by a painted curtain depicting a “romantic” scene entitled the Last Castle. The walls are covered in curtains, and the seats are old, faded, with bursting seams.

I went to see Rivers and Tides, a film about Andy Goldsworthy. To generalize terribly, he basically walks out of the door to his home every day, with no idea what he’s going to build, and goes through this high-patience, highly torturous process of interpreting the land around him with natural, found objects, in the process creating breathtakingly beautiful scultures. The film captures his process well, and shows the scales at which he is capable of working, and the depth of thought around even the simplest ideas. In fact, all the ideas look simple, but you come away knowing there’s no way in a thousand years that you could create them.