Birthday weekend

My birthday weekend, which was all very nice. I was highly spoilt by Shannon. We stayed downtown in the ACE hotel, right in the heart of Belltown, in Seattle. Yes, Kirkland is only 15 minutes drive away, but staying downtown really makes us feel like we’ve been somewhere.

Dinner and a movie. This time Bend It Like Beckham, which has been doing pretty well over in the UK.

I enjoyed it. It had shades of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but only the good shades. The family members felt a little more 3D, and fleshed out, although they still felt stereo-typical. The film managed to cram in every axis of diversity possible, including racial, gender and sexual, which was quite a feat for what is really a fun, family movie. The football action was good, although the Saving Private Ryan-style camera work (very choppy, with every other frame missing) made it hard to spot any skill.

Finally, after an easy-going Sunday, we met Rob and Agnieszka for a very fine dinner of Pow Wok Lamb, 7 Flavored beef and more at Wild Ginger.