Land around the house

We’re steaming ahead with the house purchase. Well, as fast as the UK house buying process will let us steam. Probably more like chugging along. Could be weeks, could be months. It all feels extremely out of our control. Anyway, I stuck some new photos of the house and of the tow path and surrounding areas on the house page.

We also visited my Grandad a couple of weeks ago, down on the South Coast, and this weekend we went to Kelmscott Manor, the summer home of William Morris. Very idylic.

Potential house

Ok, been a while (and oh how I hate seeing that in a blog).
Some quick updates, though, not least of which is that we’ve found a house along the banks of the Thames that we’re considering putting an offer in on.

It’s not quite what we expected to be looking for because a) it’s new and b) it’s not as near a cool town center as we wanted, but the location along the Thames, with a private mooring, is just too tempting. The house itself is great, has plenty of character and a good garden, and we can definitely make it “our own”.

Ironically enough, I’ve also posted a bunch of photos of the Kirkland house, which I took when it was empty, and the only occupier was Sidney.