Working on the house

Finally got some pictures up on the site of what’s going on in the new house. We’ve been working on it quite a bit in the last two weeks that we’ve had off from work. This has involved a lot of sanding and painting of the skirting boards, trying to keep ahead of the guys laying the hardwood floors.

We’ve been hardcore, and painted the brick fireplace black and white. It looks a lot better then it might sound, and photos will follow of that soon, too.

Mostly painting

We’re in our new home. I’ll post more photos soon. We’re mostly painting. The new floors are being put in starting on Tuesday, so we’re in a race to beat them, and have the skirting boards painted white before then. And for good measure, we’re also painting the brick fireplace. Risky though it sounds, it should actually look a lot cooler then the drab brick it is now.

Today’s the day

Ok, we’re down to the last few hours. Money is on it’s way to them. Keys should be picked up in T minus 35 minutes (or so).

And spending a couple of weeks sleeping on matresses, on the floor, in a house devoid of furniture or most things of a material nature should be healthy for us. Kind of a materialistic detox.

Getting excited!

We’re getting closer and closer to moving in to the new house, and the closer we get, the bigger the plans, and the more paint we’ll need.

We’re excited primarily because we think we can really put our own mark on it. We totally loved the Kirkland place, and that created a problem, because there was nothing we wanted to change about it. We love the look of the new house, particularly from the outside. Inside it’s a blank canvas.