Redone my favorites

I’ve spent a little time reorganizing my favorite photos. This is something I’ve been planning on doing for a while. I’ve tried to find a rought categorization for it all, based around architectural, object and people shots. And I’ve really tried to cut stuff out. But I’ve still ended up with over 150 shots. I think my bar for “favorite” may still be a little low…

Trying something new

OK, after a long period of extremely manual album making, I’m finally trying something more automated with this series of shots of the towpath outside our house on a frosty day. I’m using a tool called JAlbum which alows the creation of complex templates from which you can publish your pictures.

Thumbnail generation is automatic. Sub-page generation is automatic, and they have a whole set of tage you can use to set up the pages any way you want. It’s a bit like MovableType for images, but feels more flexible (to me) then MT for handling albums.