Architectural stuff

It’s been a big week for me as far as taking photos of nice buildings go. In the US last week I managed to visit the absolutely stunning Seattle Public Library. The outside is good. The inside is amazing. I’d find it hard to read a book there because the spaces are so breathtaking, and the furniture is so comfy.

In L.A. the following week I managed to revisit the Walt Disney Concert Hall, this time after construction was finished. You can walk across the top of the building through a park, which really gets you inside all of the curves and titanium.

And finally I managed to get to the Getty Museum on my last day in L.A. It’s west of the city, up on a small hill. I can admire this building, but I found it a bit bright and a little boring as far as shapes go. And the idea that they shipped so much Travertine marble over to make this just remind me of Hearst. Still, it’s pretty, and some of the areas where the marble gets more rough are interesting.