This hotel is pretty stunning for the price! I’ve already managed to steal the network cable from the web tv system, so should be no problem getting some work done. Looking forward to a swim later on though…

DVD movie server

Having all my CDs backed up and digital has seriously changed the way in which I consume music. I can listen to it anywhere, and through any convoluted playlist of songs across my whole music collection that I can imagine.

Next step for me is definitely to do the same thing with my DVDs. I’m fed up with having to sit on the floor at the top of our stairs where the DVD shelf is, trying to remember what we own and then figure out where it is. I want the same flexibility and ease of choice with my movies that I now have with my music.

This article is a step in the right direction in terms of giving me the basics.

London Design Festival 2004

Shannon and I attended 100% Design, which was part of this years London Design Festival. We last went to this interior design show about 4 or 5 years ago, and it’s unfortunately evolved from being about 80% small craft-ish businesses and 20% large companies to the opposite. A lot of big, impressive stands, and more emphasis on the “trade” of interior design.

Here are some highlights, though:
– A light that is designed to be mounted in a book shelf.

– Paint-by-numbers wallpaper.
– I’m a sucker for all things cubic, like this furniture.
– Thought this network-like wallpaper was also cool.

– This range of products from the MySpots design team based in Taiwan is cool, especially the USB wristband.
David Mellor’s stuff still looks cool.

– You can’t really resist these tupperware-looking ceramic containers.
– This furniture that is also low-key fitness equipment was very cool. Not sure where we’d fit it in our house.

– Some cool wall mounted square plates that do different things like hold pictures or tea lights.

– This pebble supplier just makes me want to lay pebbles around the whole house.

– This is the place to go if you want a big stool shaped like a Delete key.
– Some really nice kitchen design work.


Just saw Hero, a martial arts movie very much in the vein of Crouching Tiger. This time, Jet Li takes the staring role (and does a great job at it – much better then his Western efforts to date), and the beautiful vidography seen in Tiger is ramped way up. Stunning color palettes signify different parts/versions of the story in reds, whites, greens and blues.

The story itself is set during the Emporer Qin’s rise to power (pronounced Chin). This is the same emporer that had the Terracotta Warriors made, and it was interesting having seen something of that era when Shannon and I were in Xi’An on our honeymoon.

Anyway, beautifully shot and choreographed, although with performances that perhaps weren’t quite as engaging as in Tiger (maybe this is just because the feel is now more familiar).