London Design Festival 2004

Shannon and I attended 100% Design, which was part of this years London Design Festival. We last went to this interior design show about 4 or 5 years ago, and it’s unfortunately evolved from being about 80% small craft-ish businesses and 20% large companies to the opposite. A lot of big, impressive stands, and more emphasis on the “trade” of interior design.

Here are some highlights, though:
- A light that is designed to be mounted in a book shelf.

- Paint-by-numbers wallpaper.
- I’m a sucker for all things cubic, like this furniture.
- Thought this network-like wallpaper was also cool.

- This range of products from the MySpots design team based in Taiwan is cool, especially the USB wristband.
- David Mellor’s stuff still looks cool.

- You can’t really resist these tupperware-looking ceramic containers.
- This furniture that is also low-key fitness equipment was very cool. Not sure where we’d fit it in our house.

- Some cool wall mounted square plates that do different things like hold pictures or tea lights.

- This pebble supplier just makes me want to lay pebbles around the whole house.

- This is the place to go if you want a big stool shaped like a Delete key.
- Some really nice kitchen design work.

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