Wimbledon (2004) – I was actually pleasantly suprised by this movie. If you don’t have any expectations over, say, a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant then it’s pretty good. You can’t help but like Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst, and their chemistry definitely seems to be better than that between Hugh and a certain Ms Roberts.

Gadget bags

Engadget has finally asked my ultimate question. What’s the best gadget bag?.

The guy who posted the question doesn’t want to also carry a laptop and SLR camera (weener) so he wouldn’t be interested in my current bag of choice, the Crumpler Farmer’s Double. I love Crumpler bags. Totally solid and comfortable, and the backpack format doesn’t mess with my back like the messenger bags because it’s center of gravity is in the right place and it’s not pulling on just one shoulder.

Anti-Bush USPS

This is a design site called |:ni9e:|:. The work itself is cool, but the subversive little video showing them printing “The USPS does not acknowledge the authority of the Bush administration” onto United States Postal Service mailing stickers and then planting those stickers back into post offices is genius.