Diet food

Diet food
Presenting the con that is diet food. Exhibit A. Excitement over these Sainsbury’s low fat treats leads to disappointment when it turns out that 80% of the packaging is air. Now THAT’S how they end up so low of fat…

Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale – Some really great photos, and compelling interactivity on this site. I like the way the first photo fades back when you go for the menu, and the way the “Info” buttons work on the thumbnails. For some reason I keep on reading her name as Amityville.

The iPod Photo

I’m not sure I really get the iPod Photo. I have to assume it’s an evolutionary product on the way to somewhere (e.g. playing video).

To me, the iPod is about personal consumption of content. People close themselves into their world of music. The implication of this new product is that people will want to carry all their photos with them at all times in order to share them with other people. I’m not sure I buy that. I’m not sure that other people have the patience to go through more then a few dozen of someone elses photos. And photos have a half-life. I carry a few photos with me on my phone, but it’s been a while since I’ve shown them to anybody. I rarely meet people now who haven’t already seen photos of my wedding :-)

Video, though, IS about personal consumption (catching up on your TV shows and movies). The form-factor and storage of this device are right, the lack of video support is a problem.

John Peel dies

Legendary radio DJ John Peel dies. This is very sad, especially considering his age (only 64). He was the czar of alternative radio on Radio One for years. Probably the most open minded and inclusive DJ possible. Here’s a search for “John Peel Sessions” on

“Right from the outset, Peel changed the rules. He played every track without interruption, to the delight of those wishing to tape his show, while providing a witty and knowledgeable running commentary, seemingly a million miles away from the transatlantic platitudes of many of his colleagues.”