Shots of a weekend in Paris

I finally gave Shannon the Weekend in Paris that I’ve been promising her for too long. It came at a price for her. She had to come to the Race of Champions in the Stade de France and sit through motor racing on a very cold evening. But we saw the regular sites (Louvre, Rodin Museum, Pompidou etc) as well as getting some romantic walks, and both sweet and savoury crepes, into the agenda.

Year in Ideas

Here’s the New York Times’ Year in Ideas, an A to Z list of interesting stuff from 2004. I haven’t looked through it, but it’s one of those things that I hope to get to.
Great photo, too.

Sorry that the NYT requires a free subscription.

Squirrel Proof. Not.

Squirrel Proof. Not.

The squirrels continue their jokes and japes at my expense in our garden. Here’s a shot of one hanging by his hind legs eating from our squirrel-proof bird feeder. Is he showing off, or what?