London Theatre

It was weird this week to see two musicals on consecutive nights. Shannon and I went to Blood Brothers on Monday with Matt, then Mary Poppins on Tuesday.

Blood Brothers is pretty universally lauded, but it felt like it was coming to the end of its life on our visit. The theatre was half empty and the show felt dated, musically. The performances felt tired, and generally lacked energy. Only saving grace was the role of Mrs Johnstone. Whoever was playing that role (Siobhan McCarthy?) really held the whole thing together with a tough set of songs and a part that really dominated. The rest was not great. 5/10

Mary Poppins was in a different league. Without a doubt the best musical I’ve ever seen. I can’t really fault it. The set was amazing. A full sized, articulated dolls house that morphed into a park and rooftops for songs with Bert.

The choreography was imaginative and VERY well rehearsed. The lead rolls were really well cast and drew you effortlessly into their world. The kids, particularly, were great. The whole thing had an energy which probably reflects how recently it opened. A show that, unlike Blood Brothers, is at the beginning of its life. 9.5/10