Million Dollar Baby

We’re trying to catch up with our Oscar watching before February’s results are in. Million Dollar Baby is the 3rd of the 5 nominees that we’ve seen (along with the Aviator and Finding Neverland, both of which I’ll try and get back to blogging later).

I have mixed feelings about this movie, although overall I think it’s good. The performances were strong. Hilary Swank, particularly, is totally believable and the lank-hair-look suits her. Clint Eastwood starts out as…Clint, but really does soften up into something unexpected. Morgan Freeman is a little disappointing of only that he does what he does so solidly, bit repetitively. A little too “Shawshank” in this.

The story’s slow but believable, and just when you think it might get too predictable at the end, it gets much more challenging to watch. 8/10


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