Voyager vs. GlobalFlyer

I’m confused. Steve Fossett just “made history”, according to CNN, by being the person who “completed the first nonstop flight ’round-the-world without refueling”.

When I was in Seattle in February, though, I saw a model hanging from the roof of SeaTac airport of the Voyager aircraft, which, according to Wikipedia, was “the first to fly around the world without stopping or refueling”. In 1986. So which is it…?

3 thoughts on “Voyager vs. GlobalFlyer”

  1. I think the difference is that Voyager was piloted by mulitple people. Fossett is the first to do it on his own.

  2. now you would think it would be the other way around…that a one person flight would have made it first seeing as how there is less weight on a one person flight…very interesting none the less.

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