The Dyson

While I admire the emphasis that James Dyson has put on the difficult process of industrial design as part of the marketing of his vacuum cleaners I can’t help but be disappointed with the one that we bought a year ago, just after we moved into our house. I’ve never had a cleaner that is so complex. Removing the hose from the back of the unit, particularly, takes quite a bit of strength and feels wrong, like it’s being broken.

Our professional cleaners put it succinctly. “Should have got a Henry“.


There’s quite a revolution taking place in the UK school dinners system, since Jamie Oliver (the Naked Chef) revealed that most kids main meal of the day consisted primarily of deep fried, reconstituted chicken, shaped like zoo animals (with chips).
Looks like this has hit a legal hiccup.
“The Guardian has learned that new schools locked into 25-year contracts through private finance initiatives are finding that they cannot rid their menus of junk food despite the government’s pledge.”