M25 shut

M25 shut after explosion on lorry. “All eight lanes of a section of the M25 are closed after a lorry containing hydrogen peroxide exploded. The fire has now been put out on the vehicle which is at junction 13, the exit to Staines in Middlesex. ”

Weird to be sitting at home, working away, then have this news plop into my inbox. Just 1/4 mile away from me this is all going on. Yet it’s a bright, happy, shiny day on the river here at home.

Photos on an architecture site

I was asked if some of my architecture images could be used on Architypes.net. The site is a collaborative wiki that’s focused on describing architecture as a set of patterns , each of which correspond to an idea for successful architectural design. A pattern might, for example, descibe a way in which a building uses natural light or fits into it’s environment. It’s an interesting idea.
My shots are sprinkled around the site in different pattern descriptions, and also listed conveniently on this page.