Rachel Whiteread @ Tate Modern

Rachel Whiteread @ Tate Modern #2

I’ve really admired the work of Rachel Whiteread, ever since my friend Matt and I took a late train out to Tower Hamlets to see House, a ghostly cast of the interior of a former terraced house. Reversed out electrical sockets, door and window surrounds and light switches really emphasized the sense of the formally occupied space, and the whole thing was made all the more poignant by the art works destruction a few weeks later.
Now, as part of the amazing set of installations at the Tate Modern that make up the Unilever Series, she’s installed thousands of casts of packing boxes, piled around like snowdrifts. It’s definitely not as intimate a piece of work as House, and it’s disappointing that, even with the thousands of boxes she was still not able to really fill the space, but walking around the maze, and finding new views of people and reflections is compelling.


Geocache #3. Log roll.

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