PSP is a dreadful music player

wanna psp?

I’ve had a PSP now for a number of months. It’s a great games machine with a dreadful lack of games. I still can’t believe that this many months after release in the US the selection is still so awful. I wait in hope.
Its media capabilities have been played up quite a bit, and I bought a much needed 1Gb memory stick to make up for the 32Mb default, stuck a load of songs on it and have been carrying them around with me. But not really playing them. In my mind, the PSP barely qualifies as a decent music player because it lacks the one thing that’s become standard in even the most basic MP3 devices – the ability to pick the songs to play based on the properties of the songs themselves. On the PSP you can’t pick songs by album, by artist, by genre, or any of the other pieces of metadata you would expect. Instead, the system is based on folder, limited to two levels, with a list of songs that you cannot sort beyond the default, which I think is filename. I really think that’s a little pathetic.
I’ve waited patiently as the firmwares upgrades have been released, expecting a fix, but instead we’ve got some really thin improvements. I’ve also waited patiently for the homebrew community to release a decent media manager, but instead they’ve stayed focused on visualizations and other things that just eat battery life.
To be honest, this is so basic I’m surprised not to have seen any fuss kicked up about it. Imaging the iPod experience if it was based only on a two level folder hierarchy, sorted by filename. It certainly would have hampered their carefully crafted, simple experience.