SNL nails it, for a change

When we lived in Seattle I used to groan when I switched channels and hit Saturday Night Live. They seem to have a “hit” rate (i.e. one that actually makes me laugh) of about 1 in 10, which is about 1/5th of what Seinfeld is capable of on a bad day. Add to that the fact that it’s so advertising heavy that you only seem to get one sketch between breaks. It feels like you get 4 sketches and a band per episode. Talk about stretching your material.

This sketch is the first one I’ve seen for a while which totally nails it, though. Maybe the fact that I’m in the technology industry makes it more appealing. But as a commentary on the pace of change and miniaturization of hi-tech, with some great observations of Steve Jobs’ mannerisms, it’s pretty awesome.


King Kong
Jonathan Ive