Podcast that works for me

I’ve been messing around with listening to Podcasts now for about 6 months. They appeal to me because they are so fresh, but most of them don’t really meet the “bite size” criteria that I think you need for media on the go. Most of the time I use my iPod to fill a short space in my day (the exception being when I go on longer “commutes” to Seattle). I think, from my limited exposure, that podcasts are best in small chunks that you can commit to listening through fully in one sitting. This isn’t something I can do with a 30+ minute broadcast.

The podcast I’ve enjoyed the most so far is one that just focuses on releasing single tracks on a regular basis. It’s been a great way to just “try out” new bands. It’s from Sub Pop Records. Through their feed I’ve discovered some great bands, like Iron & Wine and Rogue Wave.

Next year a project called Creative Commons Three Sixty Five will be releasing one free track a day through their feed. I hope it will be as good.


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