Things about babies

Things I’m learning from the first few days of caring for Madeline:

  1. Kids poo comes in a range of colors, textures and odors.
  2. The stump of the umbilical cord doesn’t just shrink away, it drops off (glad someone warned me that’s coming…).
  3. It doesn’t really matter the size, pretty much everything will “fit” a baby.
  4. Lots of stuff about what breasts are REALLY for.
  5. Our baby likes head massages (as does Shannon).
  6. Watching a baby transmitter for signs of life (i.e. the smallest flicker of an LED) can make you paranoid.
  7. There are no “rules” for caring for your baby, only “things to try”.
  8. You can find someone’s personality in the smallest movement. Or even stillness.
  9. Even a big baby is really small.
  10. You can’t avoid being biased about how beautiful your own child is.