iPod in a Moleskine

My two (current) favorite things to have with me are my 60Gb Video iPod (amazing machine) and my Moleskine notebook. Or rather my Moleskines, since I keep one (with graph paper) for work and one (with sketching paper) for personal/diary use.

I thought I’d have a go at combining these two (design classics) by buying a mini-Moleskine, carving out its innards, and fitting the iPod into it. The leather covers and the elastic strap for sealing it provide some decent protection, especially when the iPod itself is wrapped in a soft cloth.

This is definitely V1, but I though it was fun. I really need a slightly thicker Moleskine to seal the iPod in, and the pages flop about a bit too much. And the soft cloth is a bit of a pain. Still, those are things I can work on in a future version.


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