Maddie in her pod
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In the morning, when Shannon blow-dries her hair, Maddie usually lies on a blanket on the floor, happily staring at herself in the mirror. Now, though, she's got the pod, so no more lying down! It's a really foamy seat that holds her up very well. He neck muscles are good and strong, except then

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"Tiny lego typewriter"
16 hours ago
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RT @ShannonB: Thx @rbanks for fwd - I agree! Brainstorming questions sparks creativity: by Warren Berger via @FastC…
2 days ago
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"3D photos from 1850s Japan"
6 days ago
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Yesterday's Future: Visionary Designs by Future Systems and Archigram via @archdaily
9 days ago
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RT @ChrisBishopMSFT: Great to be invited to @CNBC this morning to discuss the influence of #AI on all aspects of our lives…
13 days ago
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"Frodo's trip to Mordor as a Google Map"
14 days ago