Gattaca revisited

Shannon and I watched Gattaca on DVD last night. We’d both seen it before, much closer to its 1997 release date, and enjoyed it enough to want to buy it and see it again. A second viewing, though, makes it seem a lot more prescient then it was back then. 9 years is a long time for a movie to stew. All the references to DNA profiling ring more true now that biometric passports, cloning and the testing of babies for gene defects are more of a reality. Very spooky, and it makes it an even better movie. 8/10


I’m playing ICO on the Playstation 2 at the moment. This game was originally released in 2001, but was an under-the-wire cult hit. Thanks to the popularity of Shadow of the Colossus, a recent hit by the same design team, Sony decided to re-release ICO and give it a second chance.

Glad they did. This game is beautiful and imaginitive and I highly recommend it. It takes place in a large stone prison, and your only goal is to escape, leading a girl called Yorda to safety too. The game is mostly made up of large 3D puzzles to solve, with very little violence, apart from the odd bashing of some cloud-like ghosts with a big stick. The interaction with Yorda is very elegantly executed, with you leading her by the hand, calling to her to follow you, persuading her to jump across chasms and so on. If you want a game that’s beautiful, creative and different I’d really recommend you give it a go. 9/10.