The Banks Family

The Banks Family

SarahSo posted this photo from our recent visit to an urban farm. We introduced Maddie to lots of newborn lambs, goats, ducks and so on. Bit disconcerting to find bacon for sale in their shop after stroking so manycute animals, and seeing their pigs happily wallowing outside, but a lot of fun anyway!

Talking to squeek

I'm a bit late with this video, since it's actually from mid-April. It's a short sequence of Maddie getting her talking voice, and chatting away to her "changing-partner" squeek.

Nintendo Wii

Got to say that I’m hugely excited by what was on display from Nintendo at E3 today. Their press conference constantly emphasized the importance of “feel” over looks for a game. Their new control system is gutsy, energetic, will hopefully feel intuitive and most importantly looks like fun.

Small details like putting a speaker in the controller are brilliant. I love the idea that when you fire an arrow, for example, in the new Zelda game you’ll hear the bow being drawn from a speaker in your hand, which makes sense, and then hear the sound of the arrow move from the hand to the screen. Can’t wait for its release. Hope I’m not disappointed.

Sony playstation 3 pricing rip off

Can anyone tell me why Europeans keep on getting screwed on the price of technology? Sony just announced the pricing for the new Playstation 3, due out in November. The model with the 20Gb hard drive will be 499 US dollars in North America and 499 Euros in Europe. According to Google, at the current exchange rate 499 dollars is 392 Euros. So in Europe we’re paying a premium of 107 Euros, or 136 dollars. Is this one of those weird tax things, where it’s more costly for Sony to do business in Europe? Is it the cost of localizing all the content for multiple European languages? Or is it just a blatant rip off which they know Europeans can only grumble about?