Google Earth land grab

I’ve just downloaded Google’s new purchase, the 3D drawing package Sketchup. It is wonderful, particuarly for knocking out cool recta-linear buildings in glass. See: Flickr: Photos tagged with sketchup.

The great thing about it is the Google Earth integration. Ideally, Sketchup enables you to quickly mock-up existing architecture, or buildings under construction, then see them in place on Google Earth’s surface. There’s no reason those buildings need to be real, or need to be designed by professionals. What I’d like to see is the start of a virtual architecural world, built on Google Earth, not unlike Second Life, but planned on real geographical space.

I think I’ll go get myself some virtual space in the San Juans and start planning my new pad.

Actually, anyone know what this would take? Some server to host all the Google Earth 3D files?

(Building by deevee)