New ocean

Geologists have ringside seats for an ocean’s birth | The Register. “A rift that opened in Africa after a massive earthquake last September could be the beginning of a new Ocean, scientists say. The crack in the ground appeared along a fault line in the Afar desert in Ethiopia.
The crack is heading for the Red Sea. If it makes it that far, it would carve a new ocean that would separate Eritrea and part of Ethiopia (both of which lie on the Arabian plate) from the rest of the continent, creating a new island.”

In one month it was already 8 metres wide in some places. Pretty wild, the thought of Ethipia as an island.

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Print Gocco

setup again

I’ve been looking for some home (non-PC) printing options for making things like cards ans T-shirts for some time. Actually, I’ve been looking for print-making evening classes for a while, but nowhere locally seems to have a class.

Anyway, I’ve just come across the Print Gocco, which is a Japanese home screen-printing unit for making cards. Hard to come by (they’ve just stopped shipping them to the US) but available on eBay. Seems like a cool option.

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