More One Letter uses

A couple of years ago I formed a group on Flickr called One Letter. I’ve been really happy with how well it’s grown, and how autonomous it has become. I’m not really involved in it anymore. It just runs itself.

Quite a few people have written code that draws on the letters to create words. Here’s a new one from quakr

Nice one, M&S

PSFK: Marks & Spencer Goes Green. ‘M&S also aims to stop sending waste to landfill sites by that date, increase the amount of food sourced locally and regionally, increase the use of recycled materials and end the need for consumers to throw away any of its products or packaging.’

Really got to commend Marks & Spencer for this move. It doesn’t matter if this is a marketing-driven idea, as long as it is genuinely implemented, and they minimise the need to use carbon offsetting to achieve their goals of being carbon neutral. It definitely seems like an ambitious but thorough attempt to cover a lot of green issues including energy consumption, recycling and carbon mileage.

I may even be forced to take a closer look at their range of men’s “slacks” and underwear just so they get the consumer vote from me…