Vertical gardens

PSFK: Vertical Gardens. ‘He conducts studies in tropical areas, primarily on “understory” plants which receive minimal sunlight beneath the rainforest canopy, and can thus be presumed to grow in humid indoor areas where sunlight is limited.’

I love the attention that’s given to making tropical plants thrive with little maintenance in such high-tech environments. Do you think this is what Babylon was like? Only with less glass?

Biodegradable plant pots

Cool Hunting: EcoForms. ‘For an eco-friendly alternative to plastic with a no-frills look, EcoForms are made from compressed grain husks with natural, water-soluble binding agents. No pollutants are used in the manufacturing process, all byproducts are recycled and at the end of their five-year lifespan, EcoForms will biodegrade completely.’

Not sure what stops them breaking down BEFORE the end of their 5 year life span, ending in a pulpy mess of plant and grain, but it’s a cool idea. Not that I feel like I throw many plant pots away.