Microsoft holds Innovation Day

We got some great coverage for work which we took to Microsoft’s Innovation Day, held in November in Brussels. The BBC show “Click”, which showcases new technology and is broadcast on the BBC News 24 channel, covered a couple of our projects, including BubbleBoard, which I’ve been working on.

In the video segment, which is linked to from this page, you can see a brief demo of BubbleBoard. That’s my finger dragging items around, and the bubble that I drag to the drain contains a picture of my Mother. She wasn’t TOO happy both about being dragged to the drain, and the voiceovers description of her 10 minute “rant” still…

The traditional answerphone is long overdue for an update, and the bubbleboard offers one possibility. On the touch screen you can see all your messages at once, and the bigger the bubble the longer the message.

Source: BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Microsoft holds Innovation Day


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