Magic Numbers tonight

I’m excited to see The Magic Number tonight at the Kentish Town Forum. This will be the third time seeing them. We saw them at the same venue about a year ago, and before that at the much smaller Borderline, off Tottenham Court Road. That first gig was well before the buzz about them had started, and well before the release of their first album, so the it was a little more exciting. Our friend Tom heard about them early on. Now of course the bloom is off the rose, and their second album is a little too samey. They’re great live, though, and they’re selling a recording of each of their two night sets at the forum within 10 minutes of the set finishing, which is quite cool.

2 thoughts on “Magic Numbers tonight”

  1. I love the Magic Number! They’re really amazing. You’re lucky. They’re one of my favorites. I hope you have a good time there.

    BTW: Live Maps actually has London coverage? No way! I thought it was US only. I had no idea about that. I looked at it, and it does seem pretty cool. I just wish they did London coverage much more better though. It might make me start switching from Google Maps.

  2. Yeah, I’m using Windows Live Writer which is pretty good as an offline blog creation tool. Even though I’m slightly biased. It has a plug in that makes dropping in a none-Google map pretty easy. To be honest, I’m still using for most of my online mapping. Hard habit to quit.

    And the concert was awesome. They’ve really settled into doing larger venues and can really fill the space with sound.

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