Too late for our glasses

Shannon and I have suffered brutally from some rock-hard water at our house. We’ve been through 3 or 4 sets of glasses in the few years that we’ve lived here, each of which has succumbed to a gradual fog of limescale which appears on its surface after only a month or so. We tried vinegar, which didn’t seem to work successfully, and then just got into the habit of buying sets of 6 glasses for £2.00 or something ridiculous from our local Tesco home store.

Now we’ve installed a water softener, and can already tell it’s positive effects on our glassware.

So this tip for cleaning your knackered glasses has come too late for us. Maybe it can save you, though…

How to clean cloudy drinking glasses – Lifehacker
“The secret? White toothpaste–“The cheaper, the better,” according to the author, who prefers the dollar-store variety. Just apply some to the glass, scrub it with a toothbrush, and rinse. Presto: shiny, clear, like-new glassware.”

4 thoughts on “Too late for our glasses”

  1. We’re having this problem at our house and it’s driving me nuts! Maybe it’s not too late… Can you tell me about your water softener? I am not excited by the idea of scrubbing all my glasses with toothpaste every time I wash them!

  2. I recall reading some tip about unsweetened lemon kool-aid in the dishwasher. The words “muriatic acid” come to mind too. We had this problem, and we think we solved it with a new dishwasher and new glasses. Our old glasses seemed permanently “etched” rather than filmed up though – no amount of scrubbing with lemon juice or vinegar or anything anyone recommended seemd to take away the haze.

  3. We used this company. They basically installed a box under our sink, attached to the main water inlet, that uses salt to soften the water. You just have to stick a couple of new blocks of salt in it every month or so and it does the whole house. They left a “drinking water” bypass to a faucet on the sink because some people complain that soft water doesn’t taste as good as hard. We have a water filter on that, too, so it tastes good. We’re pretty happy with it. Very low maintenance.

  4. Hi,

    i have also used the same. but i have a water filter at my home. so i do not have any problem till date.we are pretty happy with the performance of my water filter.

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