Game time. The facts.

I’ve been playing Zelda on the Wii pretty much since we bought this excellent console a few days after its UK release. Call that two months, or 8 weeks. it’s the only game I’ve been playing in that time.

Zelda keeps track of the amount of time I’ve been playing. According to it that stands at just over 28 hours of exploration, puzzles and swordplay.

28 hours over 8 weeks makes it about 3.5 hours a week. That’s about what I can manage with a one year old and early starts for a long commute. I wish it was longer, but I get so much out of time with my family that I don’t really care that it isn’t.

I figure I’m just over half way through Zelda (what can I say? I like the exploration part!) which means it’s going to take me just under another couple of months to finish. Which puts me into April.

It shocked me that one game takes me four months to complete. That’s three games a year! When there are so many cool games coming out every month how do I keep up with only three games a year!?! I’ve got Okami waiting in the wings. Then there’s going to be Super Mario Galaxy. That’s my whole year’s budget already scheduled!

I guess the straight forward answer is that I make hard choices to play the best games that fit me, and ignore those games that are getting rave reviews but I know I won’t ultimately get deeply drawn into. I sort of know what those games look like. More to follow on that.


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