Humorous design

 The Nils Holger Moorman site has got a lot of press recently for its Walden…I’m not sure what you’d call it. Mini house? Up market shed? It’s a really thoughtful, compelling piece of work, although perhaps a little too narrow.


Although I like it the Walden feels a little too forced a piece of design to me, with such precise places to put everything. It looks beautiful but doesn’t feel natural. The Moorman site, though, is filled with lots of other little gems of product ideas, like this step ladder for book reading:

Reading ladder

Or this Schlicht shelf light, designed to be integrated amongst books:

Shelf light

I admire the subtle, humorous qualities of products like these. If we could achieve this level of finish in our own work, and build items with more technology but not more complexity, I’d feel satisfied.

Link to Nils Holger Moormann : Nils Holger Moormann