In-film details

Shannon and I saw Children of Men being filmed back in London in October 2005. We only got around to seeing the movie itself, on DVD, last month. It’s not quite your typical dystopian science fiction film, and is full of details that come from a carefully considered future. The ideas it contains are, in this era of rapid technological change, very believable.

As it happens, the scene that we saw being shot was one of only a few minutes of film that shows how the well-off live in this new society. We saw them on the Mall in London, dressed in future-fashionable, 20s-style clothes, walking exotic pets like camels and giraffs in the park. We expected the film to be filled with this weirdness but instead it makes up only about 2% of film time. The rest is harsh and grey, and recommended.

It’s well worth watching. I score it an 8.5/10, which is high for me. Also worth watching is this showreal from the design agency Foreign Office who created lots of the small adverts and pieces of video that litter the background of the movie. Amazing detail that fly by in seconds. Makes it worth the DVD experience so you can pause and step through some of the more dense scenes to spot these little gems.