Mixing DNA

If there are any scientists out there who can explain exactly why splicing human DNA into plants is a positive thing, could they comment? I understand the benefits from a medicinal point of view, but my understanding is that there is no way to stop the pollen from a genetically modified crop spreading to neighboring fields, and that long term we PROBABLY don’t understand the impact that this sort of meddling might have to the food chain.

The idea that you can just “try out” these kind of crops in a few thousand acres of land without any impact on the surrounding area seems a bit naive to me. It reminds me of the smoking areas in Heathrow airport that are surrounded by 6 foot high plastic walls. Somehow these walls, which are curved inward at the top, are supposed to “hold in” the smoke. Riiiiight. Because smoke is a solid that doesn’t travel? Instead, these smoker-holding-pens are an assault on the nasal senses from at least 100ft away.

Smoking Corale by Chrishenshel