2 thoughts on “Movies are just plain bad…”

  1. You’re somewhat right, but not entirely. There are still some great movies, such as Pan’s Labyrinth and (reportedly) Babel. I think that the ability to watch movies at home more and more easily has hurt box office sales, but I don’t know how much downloading has changed that. Probably not any more than Netflix. The book The Long Tail has some interesting things to say on this subject. :)

  2. I’m not saying there aren’t good movies out there. I’m commenting on what the major studios choose to push, particularly in the summer. It takes unexpected sleeper hits (like Little Miss Sunshine, which I really enjoyed) to make the Summer blockbuster season tolerable. And you could hardly say that The Queen or Pan’s Labrinth are mainstream, could you? Or Capote, which was also great. What I’ve heard of Babel has not been that positive, and it sounds to me like a bit of a cynical push by a lot of A-List stars to “do” an Oscar movie, although maybe I’m the one being cynical :-)

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