Ricoh Caplio R6: Any good?

If anyone’s had experience with the Ricoh Caplio range of digital cameras I’d appreciate an opinion. Their new R6 could fit the bill a a replacement for my Pentax Optio S. Although my Pentax conveniently fits into an Altoids tin and has therefore been well protected its battery cover is finally coming loose after 3 years of intensive use.

Main things I like about the Ricoh are its 16x review feature for quickly zooming in on an image to check it’s in focus. Seems like a nice design idea. I’d like comments on the quality of the macro, though, and the battery life if anyone has any thoughts. Those are both important to me. The wide angle is also useful. Also, is the face recognition thing just a gimmick or is it actually useful?

Link to Ricoh Caplio R6: Instant 16x Zoom To Review Sharpness Not To Be Used With Britney Spears Photos – Gizmodo