All of EU to switch off energy inefficient lights within three years – Engadget

Although the EU foists a lot of unwanted legislation on us poor peeps in the UK, occasionally they do surprise in a positive way. Their newest idea is to push everyone in Europe to drop incandescent bulbs and move to energy efficient ones by 2010. I totally buy this. Fluorescents may be more expensive but long term (i.e. within a year) they pay for themselves.

One problem we have, though, is that you can’t get any small fluorescent bulbs. We have 3 shades in our lounge that are glass bowls which are quite shallow. I’ve tried about 3 or 4 different energy efficient bulbs, each of which looked small, but none of them fit correctly.

One other problem is that fluorescents don’t seem to play very well with dimmer switches if you have them. They don’t gradually dim, they just seem to drop off very quickly. Any one else seen that?

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  1. I am surprised that you don’t find the color and quality of the light produced by fluorescent bulbs maddening. I know some people are also sensitive to the flicker and noise of them. Knowing they don’t work well with dimmers is a further deterrent for me since most of our house is on dimmers (which I love).

    Do you know if the halogen bulbs that are the same size as standard incandescents are any more energy efficient? I like those and I know they last longer than incandescent.

  2. I don’t actually find the quality of light annoying at all. I’ve never heard them make any noise, and they seem to give a solid output of light which is a decent color (they don’t seem much more off-white then regular bulbs). The only time I’ve noticed a bad light or flickering is with the fader.
    I’m not sure about halogens. I think you can get halogens that run from regular mains voltage, but usually they’re stepped down with an adaptor to 12volts or similar I think. That’s what makes them more efficient, I suspect.
    Next on the horizon is LED based lights. You need quite a few of them to give a decent output and they are still very expensive, but it sounds like they will be pretty efficient once they get really commercial.

  3. California is considering the same law. I started to replace all of my bulbs…but didn’t get too far. CFs only fit in two of the fixtures in my apartment. And the quality-of-light thing drives me crazy. The one I have in the kitchen is fine, but I have one in my bedroom closet that just makes things look…depressing.

  4. Weird. I wonder if the lights are better here because of our higher voltage. Sarah, when you visited in last year did you notice the low-voltage lights? They’re all over the house – in the hallway, lamps in the lounge, in the bathrooms, in the room you stayed in. You might have noticed they took a couple of seconds to warm up, but the light is pretty bright and white.

  5. Oh dear, my comment got all messed up because of the hyperlink. Sorry. The point is, the new bulbs contain mercury.

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