Chaotic architecture

I’m a big fan of Lebbeus Woods. He’s an architect/artist who doesn’t actually build anything, but instead imagines these crazy, fragmentic, chaotic architectural environments made up of planes and lines. There are some great examples here. It’s not that I imagine living in one of his buildings, or even admire them as architectural constructions. I just love the way that they are drawn and rendered. They are beautiful, solitary fictional worlds.

He’s a lot like Piranesi, an 18th century Italian artist, famous for his fictional drawings of prisons. He imagined these dark, gothic spaces which are both stifling and vast. If you’ve ever played Ico for the Playstation (which I utterly recommend) you’ll have experiences the kind of spaces he drew.

Carceri Plate VI - The Smoking Fire.

Anyway, what got me on to this was a shot of the worlds tallest wooden house. Classic Lebeus Woods if ever I saw it.



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