QR Codes

It’s taken a little time, but the New York Times has finally picked up on QR Codes. These are 2d barcodes that represent data, much like a traditional bar code, which have been in use in Japan for some time. Take a shot of them with your cellphone camera and that bar code can be converted into the data itself. A QR code might just represent a piece of text, but they can be ‘smarter’ then that. A QR code might represent a person’s business information, converting into a contact on your phone once scanned of the back of a business card. A QR code might represent a URL, automatically opening your phones web browser to point to a specific page. It might also represent an SMS message, triggering a text to be sent when scanned.

This is the technology we imagined being used on the Text2Paper project. Print your calendar information onto a label. Stick it on the paper calendar. And if you want it back in digital form, zap it with your cellphone to automatically create a new appointment.


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