Offices of leaders

Nice read in the New York magazine, which has photos and descriptions of the offices of some NY ‘leaders’. Martha Stewart’s is all pristine, cllutter free and slightly sterile, as you might expect. I mean, I admire it, but I’m not sure it’s entirely practical for most people. The glass windows make it feel both like a goldfish bowl, with people able to look in, and at the same time like an employee monitoring station, with Martha able to see the comings and goings of her minions.

I love Michael Bloomberg’s approach, though. When he became mayor he ditched the idea of the ‘top man’ having his own space, closed away from the rest of the building, and instead created a ‘bull pen’ for he and 50 of his team.

Link to An Inside Look at the Offices of Martha Stewart, Michael Bloomberg, Aby Rosen, Paul Rudnick, and More — New York Magazine