Gordon Bell on CBS with the Sensecam

Sensecam is a ‘life recording’ device that was developed by Lyn Williams in the Sensors and Devices group. That group is one of the three that make up Computer Mediated Living, of which I’m a part

Here’s a video of Gordon Bell (in the right column), who works for Microsoft Research in the Bay Area. He’s digitizing every aspect of his life, and uses Sensecam to record his daily activities. It sits around his neck on a lanyard and takes a shot every 30 seconds of who he meets, where he is and so on.

“For computer researcher Gordon Bell, even his morning walk to work is part of a grand experiment in digitizing and remembering everything, CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports. He wears a little camera around his neck that takes a picture every 30 seconds or so.”

Researcher Records His Life On Computer, Gordon Bell Has Digitized 50,000 Family Photos, Saved 100,000 E-mails, And Records His Days – CBS News