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Here’s a new skyscraper going up in Manchester, whose service tower is being covered with solar panels. It’s a great direction, although the fact that it only generates 10% of the buildings electricity needs (when coupled with 24 wind turbines on the roof) is a little disappointing. England is pretty cloudy, though. Maybe the turbines are actually doing most of the works since it’s pretty windy here too. Or maybe this is just one electrically inefficient building!

Solar Sky Scraper: Over 7000 Panels | EcoGeek | Panels, Solar, Building, Power, Tower

“In concert with 24 roof-mounted wind turbines, 10% of the CIS tower in Manchester will be powered by building-bound renewable energy. While that might not seem like much, it is a very big building. Only the building’s service tower (shown) will be covered with panels. The attached office building (which gets to have windows instead of solar panels) is much larger.”


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