Rotring 600

I’ve finally got the new, extra-fine nib for my old-style Rotring 600 fountain pen. Seems to be flowing well, although changing nibs was a tough operation and required a bit of experiment. It wasn’t flowing properly at first and I found I had to push it in an extra milimetre to get it going consistently. Now it writes first time. Which of course it is supposed to.

Now I just have to get used to how thin the line it creates is compared to the medium point Parker pen I was using.

In case you need fountain pen advice, here’s plenty.

5 thoughts on “Rotring 600”

  1. I replaced it with another Rotring nib. The guy on eBay who sold me the pen originally sent it to me with a B nib, which wasn’t how the original auction item was described. I was lucky enough that he sent me a replacement EF nib free of charge when I pointed it out to him.

  2. hello–i also have an old-style 600, but i, on the other hand, got one with an EF nib, and want a B! would you happen to remember who sold you the pen so i could write him for the B nib? 😉 also, did you just pull (or unscrew) the nib from the section? thanks!

  3. I have an “old style Rotring 600” about fifteen years old.
    Do you have any ideas about changing the nib to a calligraphy nib? I have a set of Rotring calligraphy art pens and a Lamy safari, all with calligraphy nibs.
    I would love to have my 600 as a calligraphy pen as well.

  4. No idea I’m afraid, Tony. I did change the nib on mine to an extra fine. I would think it’s a question of finding caligraphy nibs that are compatible.

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