San Jose Museum of Art

Listening Post by Malavagma.

Just visited the San Jose Museum of Art. It’s a small gallery but had a couple of pieces of work that really impressed me. The first was the Listening Post by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin. A curved wall of over 200 LCD displays display words and sentences taken at random from thousands of websites. Sometimes these are spoken by machine voices or sometimes they come and go in waves. Really emotive.

The second set of work I enjoyed was less absorbing than Listening Post but admirable for the patience it must have taken. These were a set of large images done with pallpoint pen on acrylic by Il Lee. They’re really quite beautiful and abstract. In one area of the gallery was an acrylic box filled with discarded pens, whic were used in the creation of a modest sized image. These images must have taken him hours to create.

A couple of great exhibitions in what is a pretty modest museum.